Swanton High School Class of 65

Live to learn and you will learn to live!

Where Are They?

So far, we have been unable able to contact the classmates listed below. Please do not post contact information on this website without the person's permission. If you can contact any of them, please let them know we are looking.

  • Anna M. (Barnes) Mumy
  • Sandra (Brown) Navarre
  • Nancy (Campbell) Klear
  • Richard Davis
  • Joan (Farough) Page
  • Linda (Gearig) Bueshing
  • Michael Grohowski
  • Gail Hefner
  • Paul E. Kurth
  • Rita Nicely
  • Shirley (Pixley) Deidrichs
  • Gary G. Ramey
  • Pamela Staunton
  • Diane (Steadman) Mulinix
  • Sharon (Thomas) McCray
  • Ruth M. (Wallace) McDonald
  • Sandra L. Whitaker
  • Nancy Woods
  • Toni Woods


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